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Published: 04.06.2015

2030 WRG at international events in 2015

2030 WRG takes part in (water related) events to contribute to raising awareness of the water resources challenges, sharing our experiences and lessons learned when connecting with our partners and forming new allies. This is important to us as we build lasting partnerships and networks for our future water security.

India Water Week, 13-17 January, New Delhi, India

2030 WRG hosted a session on ‘Collective Action for Agri-Water Efficiency and Non-Point Source Pollution in the Ganga Basin – A Multi-stakeholder Approach’, and also supported a session hosted by the FICCI Water Mission on ‘Imperatives for Urban Waste Water PPPs: towards a viable business model for municipal sewage treatment’ during the India Water Week.

World Economic Forum. By Photo Jolanda FlubacherWorld Economic Forum Annual Meeting, 2030 WRG Governing Council meeting (private session) 22 January, Davos, Switzerland
The annual 2030 WRG Governing Council meeting was held during the World Economic Forum Annual Meetings in Davos, Switzerland. Council members reviewed the achievements of 2030 WRG to date and discussed the outlook for the year ahead. Acting Chair, Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo CEO, led the discussions on the role that 2030 WRG should play in addressing the daunting water challenges ahead, taking into consideration the global water agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. The event was followed by a session on the global water agenda where participants discussed the mobilization of the private sector to step up to support, partner and leverage new models of cooperation to implement the ambitious (water related) Sustainable Development Goals.

World Water Council Event, 20 March, Washington DC, USA
2030WRG was asked to participate in the WWC session on ‘Water Security: A Pathway to Sustainable Development’ as a panelist for the second panel on Mobilizing Action facilitated by Jerome Delli Priscoli, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Other panelists included John Tubbs, Director of Natural Water Resources of Montana; J. Carl Ganter, Director Circle of Blue; Zafar Adeel, Director, UNU-INWEH; and John Oldfield, CEO WASH Advocates.

Panel discussion 2030 WRG session Chile LA WaterWeek15

Latin America Water Week, 22-27 March, Vina del Mar, Chile
2030 WRG was well-represented at the Latin America Water Week that was held in Chile this year. The LAC team convened a session on ‘Promoting dynamic multi-stakeholder partnerships – public, private and civil society’. The seminar demonstrated how 2030 WRG provides key analytical work to help implement, fund and prioritize key water projects and explained how multi-stakeholder platforms are formed and finally elaborated on the future expansion of the program in Latin America and beyond. A 2030 WRG booth at the expo provided the opportunity for participants to connect with the LAC team and learn more about the work programs.

Anders Berntell at the UN GA in NYC

Anders Berntell, 2030 WRG Executive Director, speeches at the UN General Assembly in NYC.

United Nations General Assembly 66th session, 30 March, New York, USA
Anders Berntell was asked to present 2030 WRG’s work at the UN General Assembly’s High-Level Interactive Dialogue on “the International Decade for Action, ‘Water for Life.’ The event was recorded and can be found on the 2030 WRG website under ‘Corporate News’. See the session recording here »

World Water Forum 7, 12-17 April, Daegu, South Korea
The 7th World Water Forum was held in Daegu, South Korea and provided 2030 WRG with the opportunity to take part in various sessions organized by partners including presentations held at the Swiss Water Partnership booth as well as a session with IUCN entitled ‘Does Paying the Environment for Water Services Really Work?’ and another session organized by OECD on Finance for Sustainable Water Management. Though the 2030 WRG representation at the Forum was light there was still ample opportunity to exchange country experiences between the Peru, Mongolia and India staff and consultants present in various bilateral exchanges as well as at the 2030 WRG booth.

Nestlé Cero Agua factory Mexico.
Nestlé Cero Agua factory Mexico.

World Water Summit, 27-28 April, Athens, Greece
Anders Berntell traveled to Greece to engage in various bilateral discussions with selected private sector partners to discuss fundraising potential and also gave a speech at this year’s Global Water Awards ceremony. This was to award the first Corporate Water Stewardship Award with Nestlé as the first-time winner for piloting technology that allows a Mexican dairy factory to operate without using any local groundwater. The prize honors the company which best reflects the objectives of the 2030 Water Resources Group in achieving creative solutions for improving water security.

Global Green Growth Forum, Regional Conference, 13-14 May, 2015 Nairobi, Kenya
At the Global Green Growth Forum’s Regional Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, 2030 WRG and 3GF jointly launched the case study ‘Perspectives on Green Growth Partnerships – Strategic Water Partners Network’ that was developed by 3GF.

Read or download the Case Study brochure here »

World Economic Forum on Africa, 3-5 June, Cape Town, South Africa
2030WRG participated in a private water session at the WEF Africa event on 3 June on “Accelerating Water Enabled Growth in G77 Countries”.