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Published: 12.15.2016

2030 WRG conducts high-level overview assessment of the Vietnam water sector

After receiving a positive response from the local stakeholders on its approach, 2030 WRG is conducting a high-level overview assessment of the Vietnam


water sector.

The assessment will cover the overall water resources situation, including a high-level water demand-supply analysis and identify solutions required to optimize the use of water. It will also cover mapping of stakeholders/ Institutional arrangements. Further, the assessment will evaluate existing and upcoming funding models to close the water gap.Vietnam is among the top five countries most vulnerable to climate change impacts. Vietnam has 2360 rivers. The country’s river network includes several
international rivers. Two thirds of Vietnam’s water originates outside the country. Sustainable water management is fast on the rise driven by dramatic increases in water demand from growing urbanization, agriculture and industrial growth, combined with pollution from untreated waste water as a key issue in Vietnam’s socio-economic development.

In Vietnam, 2030 WRG aims to accelerate water sector transformation with regard to water security for long-term economic growth, environmental as well as domestic needs
and shared prosperity, with a focus on improved demand-side management involving public, private and civil society stakeholders across agriculture, industry and urban development.

A kick-off workshop on a high-level Vietnam Water Sector Analysis, was convened by Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (“MARD”) and 2030 Water Resources Group (“2030WRG”) on October 14th, 2016. The workshop was a small roundtable of 12-15 participants, focused on structuring
a multi-stakeholder Advisory Board of to guide next steps of the Analysis. The discussion focused on key Vietnam water sector challenges and priorities, including private sector perspectives, which are being prioritized under 2030WRG’s Vietnam Water Partnership.

After the analysis is done and based on response from various stakeholder, 2030 Water Resource Group will build up a Multistakeholder process and structure thematic work streams to tackle key issues.vietnam4vitnam2