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Published: 10.07.2015

2030 WRG International Knowledge Exchange South Africa

Photo: © John Hogg/World Bank
Photo: © John Hogg/World Bank

The 2030 Water Resources Group is organizing an international knowledge exchange in South Africa in February 2016. The Group sees it as an important task to foster the exchange of knowledge and international best practices amongst stakeholders. The meeting is a second in a series of international knowledge exchanges that will bring together leaders from across the public sector, private sector and civil society from all of our partner countries.  

The exchange in South Africa represents the first time we are holding such an event in one of our partner countries. We believe there is much to learn from each other, as well as from many of the internationally renowned water resource management experiences that South Africa has to offer.  The knowledge exchange will provide a mix of seminars, discussions, field visits and networking opportunities, with the aim to maximize the use of our partners’ valuable time.

Based on topics most of interest to our partners, the exchange will focus primarily on the topics of urban and industrial water management, including mine-water management.

The first Exchange was organized at the 2014 Stockholm World Water Week and focused on the ACT model and what each country has achieved thus far in each stage, thereby strengthening also the water community of practice.

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