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Published: 09.01.2015

2030 WRG participates in Stockholm World Water Week 2015

Flying flags in Stockholm

The 2030 Water Resources Group joined this year’s World Water Week 25th jubilee at the Stockholm City Conference Center in Sweden with a number of activities.

Sunday Seminar: Public Private Civil Society Platforms for Development

Obey Assery speaking

Obey Assery speaking during the Sunday Seminar on Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships.

The Sunday seminar on Public Private and Civil Society Platforms for Development demonstrated the potential of action-oriented multi-stakeholder partnerships on water resources management in diverse contexts as Peru, India, South Africa and Tanzania. Key success factors and lessons from concrete water initiatives implemented through these MSPs were shared through high-level panel discussions focusing on how priority engagements are identified, balancing the needs of different stakeholders, and how innovative financing models can be applied for agri-technology acceleration, wastewater treatment and reuse, water conservation and cost-effective water storage infrastructure. Panelists included Rajendra Singh, 2015 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate, Oksana Nagayets from IFC, André Fourie and Meenakshi Sharma from SABMiller,  and various partner representatives from the WRG countries of engagement.

View a recording of the event on the SIWI website

Thursday Seminar: Innovative financing mechanisms to implement the SDGs

Anders Berntell in panel on new partnerships

2030 WRG participated in a TV talk show coordinated by the Swiss Water Partnership on innovative initiatives to maximize finance to implement the SDGs.


2030 WRG co-convened a session with the Swiss Water Partnership, The Gold Standard Foundation, World Vision, First Climate Markets AG and the Stockholm International Water Institute on innovative initiatives to maximize finance to implement the SDGs. Panelists discussed the various challenges and added value of getting new players on board, how to assure funding gets to the most vulnerable and excluded and corporate perspectives on water stewardship.

View a recording of the event on the SIWI website

SIWI Sofa on proven solutions for water use transformation

SIWI Sofa interview recording

SIWI Sofa interview recording with 2030 WRG and Arup on water scarcity solutions around the world.

Anders Berntell, 2030 WRG Executive Director and Mark Fletcher, Arup’s Global Water Director, discussed a source of currently available, replicable and practical solutions for water use transformation. The solutions have been collected in the 2030 WRG commissioned catalogue of case studies: ‘Managing Water Use in Scarce Environments’. In a podcast interview with Eric Paglia, the producer and host of, an environmental radio program, 15 newly added case studies were discussed as well as the scope of the cases in the extended catalogue, the general lessons that can be learned by comparing the case studies, how best practices are measured and assessed, and how they can be transferred and implemented from one region to another, and how the wider water sector can be mobilized to formulate and communicate such best practices in areas suffering from water scarcity.

2030 WRG booth and networking presentations

2030 WRG booth visitors WWWeek15

The 2030 WRG team, country representatives and various invited partners from Africa, Asia and the LAC region welcomed a range of booth visitors at the open expo in front of the main conference hall. Partner organizations, conference participants, students and interested visitors from the City of Sweden engaged with 2030 WRG staff and affiliates in learning more about our activities in the countries of engagement.

Other activities

Alastair Morrison on Panel discussion during WWWeek 15

2030 WRG’s Alastair Morrison presented the group’s work with a focus on inclusive platforms and financing  in a number of other seminars including Rethinking Governance, and Integrating Financing for Water.