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Published: 08.10.2016

2030WRG and CONAGUA conclude capital investment prioritization system project


July 21, 2016 – In Mexico, after one year of intense collaborative work with CONAGUA, 2030WRG delivered the final version of CONAGUAs capital investment prioritization system.  This system will be used henceforth to prioritize CONAGUA´s main project portfolio in order to achieve strategic policy priorities established in the National Water Plan 2014-2018 and other policy instruments.

An important part of the project comprised a careful organization of a capacity-building process in order to ensure the full appropriation of the analytical tools used by the system. In order to achieve this, during the last mission to Mexico several capacity-buildings workshops were planned and carried out with the participation of all of the substantive units of CONAGUA. During these workshops CONAGUAs personnel had the opportunity to simulate several scenarios and used the prioritization system accordingly.  This versatility is possible because the system can be used through a very user-friendly interface that allows the dynamic consideration of several variables and policy objectives.  Comprehensive and in-detailed manuals were shared and reviewed with all the participants, and special one-to-one tutorials were held with the personnel of the Deputy Direction of Planning, the unit in charge of planning and programming investments in CONAGUA.

It is worth highlighting that the development and institutionalization of this capital investment prioritization system has been considered by CONAGUA as an important and warranted institutional development milestone. At the 2030WRG we would like to acknowledge the collaboration with CONAGUA and congratulate the institution on this important achievement, possible thanks to the strong political will and commitment of CONAGUAs leadership.