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Published: 04.01.2016

Sharing best practices from across the globe at 2030 WRG South Africa Knowledge Exchange South Africa

South Africa Knowlede Exchange Group Photo

Johannesburg, 29 February, 2016 – To encourage countries within our network to identify and replicate best practice solutions from elsewhere, the 2030 WRG held an international exchange with eight countries. This inaugural exchange was held in South Africa, one of the earliest members of the 2030 WRG network, from February 29 to March 4, 2016. We have chosen South Africa to host the event so that participants could learn from the country’s efforts to address municipal water losses and manage mine water; issues that are relevant to several 2030 WRG country partnerships.

Through presentations, discussions, and field visits, the event provided participants with practical insights from South Africa’s water management and public-private-civil society experience; provided an opportunity for partners from across 2030 WRG countries to network and learn from each other; and enabled South African stakeholders, as hosts, to showcase the country’s water management achievements to senior officials from other countries.

The knowledge exchange was a success. Participants found sharing knowledge, experiences, and perspectives from other countries particularly useful. Country teams from Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, and Tanzania joined South African participants and experts, a journalist, and IFC and SIWI staff. In total, 87 participants from eight countries attended the 2030 WRG Knowledge Exchange.

Please view or download the SA Knowledge Exchange Summary Report.