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Published: 06.01.2016

Ongoing progress in Bangladesh country engagement

Bangladesh Country Update

Supported by 2030 WRG, the Bangladesh Water Multi-Stakeholder Partnership (MSP), which was established in December 2015, has successfully worked to create strong champions in the Government of Bangladesh (at the policy level), private sector and civil society. Before 2030 WRG started its program in Bangladesh, the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) primarily considered flood control and irrigation in its water resources management agenda. Now, increasingly, the MoWR is getting involved in water use efficiency, reuse, resource management and wastewater treatment.

Two ongoing processes in our Bangladesh work include:

Under the Water Governance and Sustainability Work-Stream, a task force has started working on Water Valuation and Incentives in Bangladesh. The purpose of this work is to explore valuation and pricing mechanism based on international best practices and create an incentives framework for better management of water resources including efficiency, re-use and wastewater treatment. The Task Force is led by the MoWR with strong participation from other Government entities, private sector and civil society such the National Board of Revenue, Central Bank, Bangladesh University of Engineering and
Bangladesh high-level meeting
Technology, H&M, Nestle and others. A concept note will be presented during next Steering Board Meeting.

2030 WRG is supporting the formulation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan (BDP) 2100 as a partner with the Government of Bangladesh, Government of Netherlands and the World Bank Group. The BDP 2100 will identify and prioritize infrastructure investments (in water resources, energy, transport and other sectors) to ensure sustainable development of the Bangladesh Delta. The 2030 WRG is supporting the Investment Plan team to identify PPP opportunities in the water sector. The investment plan is expected to play a complimentary role to the Bangladesh Water MSP to identify private sector investment opportunities and improve the investment climate for private sector investments in water infrastructure.