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Published: 03.18.2015

Bangladesh discusses program scope in MSP workshop

2030 WRG organized a multi-stakeholder workshop on March 18 in partnership with the Water Resources Planning Organization (WARPO) under the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR), WWF and H&M. The Chief Guest and Special Guest was the Minister of Water Resources (Mr. Anisul Islam Mahmud) and State Minister (Mr. Muhammad Nazrul Islam) respectively. The workshop was participated by over 70 participants from the government, private sector, NGOs, development partners and civil society organizations.

The Minister of Water Resources in his speech suggested that 2030 WRG should focus on the greater Dhaka watershed as opposed to the entire country to achieve greater impact. The workshop included a break-out session in which three thematic areas (Water Governance, Greater Dhaka Watershed Restoration and Efficiency in Agricultural Water Use) were discussed.

Prior to the workshop, the 2030 WRG has had preliminary discussions with the Ministry of Water Resources on launching the Steering Board for the 2030 WRG’s Bangladesh program. Key next step is to prepare the preliminary design / concept notes for the Bangladesh program focusing on Water Governance and the Greater Dhaka Watershed Restoration; and reach an agreement with the Ministry of Water Resources on the scope of work for the 2030 WRG Bangladesh program.