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Published: 08.18.2015

Bangladesh water security issues addressed in newly established partnership

Dhaka, Bangladesh, 17 August — With the endorsement of the Bangladesh Ministry of Water Resources, 2030 WRG has recently facilitated the creation of an open and inclusive multi-stakeholder platform with key partners concerned with the water security of Bangladesh. 

Earlier in March of this year, deep dives into the Bangladesh water challenges were presented as part of the final recommendations from the two hydro-economic analyses on water resources management and industrial water use at a multi-stakeholder workshop under the chairmanship of the Hon’ble Minister of Water Resources. The meeting was organized by 2030 WRG in collaboration with the Water Resources Planning Organization (WARPO) under the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR), WWF and H&M. Over 70 participants from the government, private sector, NGOs, development partners and civil society organizations also joined the discussions on the scope of the Bangladesh 2030 WRG Partnership program, as well as issues around water governance, the Greater Dhaka Watershed Restoration and efficiency in agricultural water use.