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Published: 07.30.2015

Aquifer Recharge with Stormwater

As a result a number of strategies have been developed to address the supply demand imbalance and secure sustainable water supplies into the future. Recognizing that up to 90% of demand for potable water supply could be replaced with a non-potable supply, the City of Salisbury implemented the collection, storage and distribution of stormwater run-off that would have otherwise discharged into the Gulf of St Vincent.

At a project cost of US$57,000,000, funded by grants and money borrowed by the City against future sales to customers, managed to treat and reuse 5,000,000m3/year of non-potable water. Twenty percent of all injected water was maintained within the aquifer to store treated water, energy costs reduced due to reduced salinity, and consumptive use from evaporation was minimized.