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Published: 07.31.2015

Groundwater Conservation

The Government of Yemen, in collaboration with The World Bank, implemented the ground water conservation project in 10 of the 13 catchments in the country, with focus on sub-catchments where aquifer depletion rate was most critical. An integrated approach using a combination of supply side and demand side interventions was implemented to increase the available supply as well as to reduce the demand on groundwater. Water User Associations were created to help educate the farmers about water efficient irrigation practices, improve communications between government officers and farmers, and to help monitor and regulate abstraction of groundwater.

At a program cost of US$56,000,000 the project not only surpassed its objectives of improving the sustainability of the groundwater resources (83,000,000 m3/year), it also achieved a 6% to 15% increase in crop yield per unit of irrigation water and strengthened key institutions that work and assist the agricultural sector.