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Published: 07.31.2015

Groundwater Recharge

In order remedy the situation, attention was focused on the Omdel aquifer near the mouth of the Omaruru River which had the largest storage capacity at 150 000 000m3. Previous research had also identified that natural recharge in the system was reducing as a result of heavily silt-laden floodwaters clogging normal recharge pathways. The scheme involved the construction of a large dam just upstream of the aquifer to catch the occasional floodwaters for subsequent controlled release to the aquifer through enhanced infiltration.

With a capital cost of US$16,800,000, the result of the project was that extractable recharge of the Omdel aquifer more than doubled from 3,500,000m3/year to about 7,130,000m3/year. This, combined with the sustainable yields from the Kuiseb and Swakop Aquifers, raised the total extractable volume to 10,930,000m3/year.