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Published: 08.03.2015

Reducing Business Risk through Municipal Leakage Reduction

The intervention to improve conditions involves a public-private partnership between several key players (industry, local government and funding agencies), and their attempt to reduce water risks, stress and costs, while increasing water supply to the municipality. This requires a high of buy-in from stakeholders, education and capacity building, repairs and reinvestment of audited ring-fenced savings to ensure continued intervention over the next two to three years.
At a project cost of US$2,500,000 the municipality achieved 10,000,000m3/year in the first phase, forecasted to increase to 12,000,000m3 by 2014. It also made financial savings of almost US$10,000,000 that are expected to be reinvested for further savings. Finally, the sustainability of the project is ensured by the human capital invested in through capacity building within both the municipality and local communities.