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Published: 08.03.2015

Water Authority Conservation Program

The security of supply is dependent upon reducing per capita demand, in particular those arising from landscape irrigation and evaporative cooling which make up 60% of the total demand. Subsequently, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) instituted a number of aggressive water conservation programs from 2000 onwards that included monetary incentives, education and regulatory policies. Specifically, policy measures included new building codes, tiered water rates and restrictions on landscape irrigation.

At a program cost of US$218,000,000, paid through in rebates for employing water saving measures, Nevada managed to reduce landscape water use by 34,500,000m3/year, cover 29,800 pools (reducing water use by 1,500,000m/year), construct 1,254 water efficient homes (reducing water use by 1,236,000m3/year), and other key outcomes. Cumulatively, these measures have helped to reduce per capita daily use by 30% by 2011 and reduced water demand by 51 926 000m3/year.