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Published: 08.03.2015

Water Demand Management Scheme

The action taken took the form of a comprehensive water demand management program with six goals in mind: reduce the high percentage of non-revenue water, reduce high static water pressures, reduce average daily demand, increase total revenue, provide constant and efficient service to consumers, and conserve water that was becoming increasingly scarce.

At a project cost of US$2,000,000, Drakenstein Municipality lowered non-revenue water from over 33 percent to just under 11 percent in a twelve year period. Water demand was furthermore reduced from 17,800,000m3/year in 2000 to 11,900,000m3/year in 2011, representing major savings on water purchases from the bulk water supplier. These results and more have allowed Drakenstein to currently rank as among the best municipalities in South Africa with regards to water use efficiency.