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Published: 08.03.2015

Water Demand Management Strategy

Key to managing demand has been facilitating behavioral change in water use and consumption. The campaign to manage demand in Singapore is known as the “3P approach” and encourages everyone (People, Public, Private) to take ownership of water resource management. Also central to this approach is the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme, which enhances Singapore’s water infrastructure bringing people closer to water, so they can better appreciate, cherish and ultimately value that water.

As a result of the campaign and ABC Waters Program, reduction per capita use reduced from 165 liters/day in 2003 to 152 liters/day in 2013, with an aim to drop to 147 liters/day by 2020.  Overall, Singapore’s water demand management strategy has achieved a total volumetric impact of 1,818,000m3/year.