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Published: 08.03.2015

Water Efficiency Audits of Steam Systems

To improve on water resource efficiency, CWW in 2010 launched a program focused on assisting business customers better understand how they can make steam systems more efficient. Steam systems were targeted because energy efficiency improvements are typically effective with a high likelihood of implementation. The program involves conducting site audits and the provision of training courses, as well as investigating and implementing technical improvements. CWW also offers grants for cost effective water efficiency actions to leverage business sector investment.

At a project cost of US$278,000, the program has to date achieved water savings of 11,000m3/year and greenhouse gas reduction of 893 tons CO2 equivalent. Other actions being implemented or planned will achieve reductions in withdrawal of 100,000m3/year of water, 53,400GJ/year of gas, 68,000kWh/year of electricity and 2,823 tonnes CO2e/yr greenhouse gas reductions.