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Published: 08.03.2015

Water Loss Management Program

The aim of the WLMP was to support smaller Local Water Utilities (LWUs) in their efforts to reduce leakage from their drinking water distribution systems. The batching of projects under WLMP also allowed eligibility with federal government funding criteria. Specialist knowledge and equipment were provided to LWUs in order to help identify, develop and implement leakage reduction projects; these included the installation of flow meters and pressure reducing valves, as well as the establishment of distribution zones.

At a project cost of US$9,200,000 (2013 prices), funded through Government, LWUs and in-kind contribution from other partners, eighty investigation projects were undertaking with 75 Local Water Utilities. The program achieved on-going water savings of 5,518m3/year, as well as 1 million kWh in energy savings and 1.2 million Kg CO2e in emissions.