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Published: 09.16.2015

Catalyzing PPPs in India’s Ganga rejuvenation efforts

New Delhi, September — 2030 WRG is embarking on a rejuvenation journey with the Ministry for Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation. One of the upcoming activities will focus on two hotspots: a river segment between the Hindu pilgrim cities Vrindavan and Mathura and the leather tannery cluster in Kanpur. The aim is to catalyze PPP projects in urban and industrial waste water treatment.

It is foreseen that a PPP facilitation and monitoring panel will guide these demonstration projects beyond local project delivery by evaluating scalability of the PPP models across the basin. Also a Ganga Multi-Stakeholder Action Forum is being established together with a consortium of academia of the Indian Institutes of Technology, private sector and civil society institutions. The aim is to support the government moving from a planning into an execution phase with tangible transformation on the ground. This membership based forum will be open for all stakeholders with an interest in the exciting Ganga rejuvenation journey.