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Published: 12.22.2021

CCA-MSP meeting with the Water Commission of Mexico’s House of Representatives

The House of Representatives’ Water Resources, Drinking Water and Sanitation Commission invited the CCA-MSP to an official ordinary meeting on December 1st to discuss challenges faced by the Mexican water polity and the opportunity represented by the National Water Law reform process in progress. Chaired by the Commission’s President, Congressmen Ruben Gregorio Muñoz Alvarez, it gathered several congressmen and congresswomen from different political parties who voiced their constituencies’ positions and concerns.

CCA President Raúl Rodríguez reflected on the need for the new National Water Law framework to work in favor of water security for all Mexicans, the implementation of the human right to water, and the pursuit of SDGs, amongst other critical topics. Mr. Rodriguez also emphasized the need for this law to represent an authentic “social pact for water”, echoing societal consensuses, galvanizing political will, and mobilizing required financial resources. 2030 WRG –as a member of the CCA– was invited to share some ideas on how to strengthen the water financing system and water allocation. Finally, the CCA team shared the “Normative Principles and Organizational Guidelines for the Mexican Water Sector” position paper.