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Published: 10.13.2015

Coastweek: Kenya launches public private partnership to sort water scarcity

News Source: Coastweek via Xinhua News Agency

NAIROBI (Xinhua) — Kenya’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation has launched a partnership with multilateral agencies, industry and civil society to explore innovations that would offer durable solution to water scarcity in the country. Officials said the launch of Kenya 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG) marked a critical milestone in the management and supply of the commodity to different users.

“Ensuring a safe and abundant supply of water is vital to attaining vision 2030. A partnership with the private sector and civil society will help generate collective solutions to secure water for the economy, society and the environment,” said Water and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa.

Kenya became the tenth country in the world to enlist as a member of 2030 Water Resources Group, an initiative formed in 2009 by multilateral agencies, private sector and civil society to promote water security in the global south.

Wamalwa said strategic partnerships are crucial to address a growing water insecurity occasioned by climate change, population growth, pollution and competing demands.

“The aim of our new partnership with multilateral agencies and the private sector is to accelerate the attainment of sustainable development goal six on water and sanitation for all,” said Wamalwa.

The Kenyan 2030 WRG partnership will focus on innovative approaches to boost agricultural water productivity, urban water supply alongside adoption of appropriate technologies to strengthen conservation of the resource.

Anders Berntell, the Executive Director of 2030 WRG said innovative partnerships have provided lasting solution to global water supply challenges.

“Across the globe, WRG partnerships are helping push the water resources agenda to the forefront of high level national debate. In Kenya, these partnerships will address water scarcity and pollution,” Berntell said.

The Kenyan industrial sector has invested in new technologies to enhance water use efficiency.

Vimal Shah, the CEO of Bidco Africa said water scarcity could undermine economic growth and stability in Kenya.

“Water is the lifeblood for everyone and for the manufacturing sector in particular. Improving water resources management is key to realize socio-economic progress in the country,” Shah said.