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Published: 11.30.2014

Karnataka, India: Creating a Sustainable Water Future for Karnataka – Urban and Industrial Sector

Creating a sustainable future for Karnataka – urban and industrial sectorAs a result of population growth, per capita water availability for Karnataka has been declining such that the state could be classified as experiencing “water stress.” The growing gap between supply and demand for water is forcing the state to find new ways of achieving higher growth without using more water.

In this context, the 2030 WRG and the Government of Karnataka have partnered to understand the scale and nature of this challenge and to identify solutions for addressing it. This report is an important milestone in this partnership, and it contains a detailed analysis of the growing demand-supply gap for water in urban and industrial sectors by 2030. It also identifies various solutions as well as institutional, policy, and regulatory changes required to enable the implementation of these solutions. We hope that this report would be instrumental in bringing all stakeholders to the table for a meaningful discussion and concrete action on water sector reform.

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