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Published: 05.05.2021

Digital Water Platform and Dashboard launched in Mongolia

2030 WRG has facilitated the development of a data architecture to understand groundwater availability, as well as support predictions of groundwater levels and data anomalies using pioneering machine learning algorithms, laying the foundation for a digital water platform and dashboard in Mongolia.

The team presented the final results of the analysis in a multi-stakeholder meeting recently to Mr. Myagmar, Director-General of Water Authority, and Mr. Munkhbat, Director-General of Water Policy Coordination Department, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, along with other stakeholders. The two officials appreciated the groundwater dashboard developed under the project and the results of the predictions.

Mr. Myagmar also indicated that the Water Authority takes responsibility for the sustainable operation of the dashboard in the future and for adopting the key principles under this initiative to other parts of the country.

See or download the report here >>