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Published: 12.05.2016

Hindon Yatra Exhibiton & Symposium 2016 in Baghpat


In Baghpat the District Magistrate and Chief Development Officer spearheaded a Water Walk on 9 September,2016  attended by more than 2000 youth. Mr. Rajendra Singh, Waterman of India and Stockholm Water Prize Laureate 2015 was special guest at the Hindon Yatra Exhibition & Symposium held in his ancestral town. Youth demonstrated their environmental awareness and concern with the water situation in the Hindon basin. In a technical discussion chaired by District Magistrate and moderated by 2030 Water Resources Group in the afternoon, many good practice examples were presented and constructive suggestions were made to improve the situation and work towards a healthier water system. For example, Mr. Vinod Saini, a progressive farmer from Meerut district said, “It is essential to reduce the use of chemical fertilizer, in place of which a natural vermi compost fertilizer can be used.” Farmers from Baghpat may attend a training in organic farming which will be organized by Jal Biradari Meerut. Another suggestion was to make a cropping map and encourage farmers to conserve water either by changing the cropping cycle or increasing water use efficiency.



Photos from the Baghpat event

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