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Published: 06.19.2017

Leading by example: Industry stakeholders visit Nairobi Bottlers to learn about industrial water management

Nairobi Bottlers Ltd./ Coca Cola Beverages Africa with the help of the Kenya Industrial Water Alliance (KIWA), invited industry stakeholders to visit its Embakasi plant in Nairobi, Kenya, to share its journey and successes in industrial water management.

The video below is a short report of the visit that took place at the beginning of May, 2017. Meet some of our stakeholders and learn more about some of the challenges they had to overcome.

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Who are our KIWA partners?

The Kenya Industrial Water Alliance (KIWA) is a partnership between 23 private-public-civil society partners that collectively address water-related risks to industrial growth, initially in the Nairobi Sub-catchment. The partnership provides a platform to discuss and implement activities aimed at increasing sustainable access to water with a focus on ground water management, industrial water use efficiency and improved surface water quality management. KIWA has been established jointly by the International Water Stewardship Programme and the 2030 Water Resources Group.

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