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Published: 09.22.2017

Launching of the Water Security Risk Integration in the Industrial Sector Initiative in Mexico

Mexico Water Security Risk meeting photo

Mexico City, September 18, 2017 – The Water Advisory Council (Consejo Consultivo del Agua), with the support of 2030 WRG, convened a multi-stakeholder working group to endorse the launching of Water Security Risk Integration in the Industrial Sector Initiative.  The main objective of the Initiative is to support the private sector in findings new ways to adapt business operations to contexts with increasing water security challenges. 

Some of the members of the working group include: Coca-Cola Company, Constellation Brands, Fundación FEMSA, Grupo Estrategica Política, Grupo Modelo (AbInBev), Heineken, the International Finance Corporation, Nestle, ASIM (Suez), Veolia, and TNC.  It expected for other CCAs members and external stakeholders to gradually join the Initiative.  Mr Edgar Guillamín, Vice-President of External Affairs of Constellation Brands and member of the CCA, heads the activities of this working group.

There are several activities foreseen to be undertaken in the context of the Initiative, including to enable a structured dialogue on the value of water security integration processes in the private sector; to identify and share water security integration methodologies and best-practices; to develop an ad-hoc methodology for the case of Mexico; to develop some water security scenarios in pre-selected regions of the country -with a concentration of industrial activities- to test the methodology in the context of 3 CCAs member companies; to socialize the methodology through workshops and documentation; and to support the mobilization of financial resources to enable the private sector companies to implement water security integration measures.  A particular concern of the group is to assess the legal and policy context providing long-term certainty for the private industrial sector.