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Published: 03.27.2020

Making Progress on Water Governance in Peru: An Ongoing Collaborative Effort

The 2030 WRG and the World Bank Water Global Practice supported the Ministry of Environment in organizing a workshop in Lima aimed at discussing the challenges and opportunities for strengthening collaborative water governance in Peru.

Left to right: Patricia Garcés Peralta, Vice-minister of Women, Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations; Gabriel Quijandría, Vice-minister of Natural Resources Strategic Development, Ministry of Environment; Amarildo Fernández Estela, Chief, National Water Authority; Rita Cestti, Practice Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, World Bank Water Global Practice

The two-day workshop was organized by the Ministry of Environment and the National Water Authority, which is a specialized agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, as a complementary activity to the ongoing policy dialogue process on water governance in light of the elaboration period of the forthcoming Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) country report on water governance.

Participants from more than 10 local public entities learned from international experiences in key areas related to water governance, shared their experiences on these topics, and offered recommendations on the draft report about Water Governance and Policies in Peru.

The event brought together representatives from local entities of key sectors related to the water stewardship system in the country and provided them with a unique opportunity to discuss current initiatives and challenges, as well as future opportunities and critical actions to strengthen water governance in the country.

World Bank experts shared successful experiences, knowledge, and lessons learned on water governance and water security from diverse countries within the Latin America region. Topics such as water security assessment, circular economy, and economic instruments for water resources management were covered during the workshop. Experts also shared the results of the long-lasting collaboration with the Peruvian Government on the water agenda.

By the end of the workshop, participants put together a list of recommendations for the OECD draft report. This document to (i) strengthen water governance in the country not only across related sectors but also at the different levels of water resources management; (ii) improve the regulatory framework; and (iii) analyze economic instruments for water resources management.

Participants included representatives from the National Water Authority, the Ministry of Environment, the Presidency of Council of Ministries, the Water Supply and Sanitation Regulator (SUNASS), the Ministry of Energy and Mining, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Social Inclusion, and the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, among others.