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Published: 03.12.2015

Paving the way forward toward a water secure Bangladesh

Bangladesh women carry water
Two women carry clothing, produce, and water jugs in Bangladesh. Photo: Scott Wallace / World Bank

2030 WRG is co-organizing a Multi-Stakeholder Engagement on Water Resources Management in Bangladesh on 18 March, 2015. The event will be jointly hosted by the Water Resources Planning Organization of the Ministry of Water Resources. Minister Anisul Islam Mahmud and State Minister Muhammad Nazrul Islam (Bir Protik) from the Ministry of Water Resources are among the invited high-level delegates.

The event is a follow-up on the High Level Dialogue held earlier on October 18, 2014 and aims to present the recommendations of the analytical studies and bring high-level stakeholders from the government, private sector and civil society together to discuss potential next steps towards initiating a 2030 WRG program to address water security and resource management issues.