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Published: 11.23.2017

Peru working groups advance with concrete solutions

Peru transformative working groups
Since the beginning of 2017, the three large working groups that had been in operation evolved into six working committees that were more limited to the needs, problems and opportunities that were identified in the spaces for dialogue. The new committees today address the following issues:

1. Water Works for Taxes
2. Groundwater management
3. Hydrically Responsible Companies- The Blue Certificate
4. Water governance and dialogue processes
5. Promotion of public policies around water
6. Water stress and adaptation to climate change

The advantage of these committees with a total participation of more than 100 members, is that they are focused on finding concrete solutions with specific tasks for the different stakeholders. For example, the Water Works for Taxes mechanism is being implemented and the private sector participates and invests directly in works of the State to improve sanitation services, to expand potable water services and improve drinking water treatment plants, among others. Another group enables methodologies for the definition of tariff groundwater use, one focuses on the promotion of the water footprint through the certification of companies, among others. The 2030 WRG ACT methodology has allowed, step by step, to build robust and sustainable programs and policies for the sustainable water management in Peru.