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Published: 02.18.2016

Peruvian journalists place water stories high on the agenda

IEP Media Workshop Lima

Lima, Peru, 11 February, 2016 – A recent media workshop, led by the Institute for Peruvian Studies (IEP) in collaboration with 2030 WRG and other partners, was held to position water as a key topic in the electoral debates as part of the upcoming presidential elections in Peru. Over 40 media professionals from various organizations attended the workshop. They learned about key issues and players, and how to place the stories on the public agenda.

IEP also developed a policy brief on water jointly with the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC or COSUDE in Spanish) with specific guidelines and recommendations for adequate water resources management addressed to presidential candidates and journalists.IEP Media Workshop Peru roundtable

The workshop also provided journalists with innovative tools to manage key information on social media channels. The event furthermore helped water and policy professionals, as well as key decision makers develop a closer relationship with key media influencers in Peru.

Click Here to download the IEP Infographic (in Spanish)