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Published: 05.11.2020

PRESS RELEASE | Working to prevent spread of COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Unilever Bangladesh with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society and the 2030 Water Resources group are collaborating to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at Deputy Commissioner’s (DC) offices in 64 districts that are still operating under these circumstances.

The Deputy Commissioner’s offices are the focal government agencies which coordinate disaster response operations. During the lockdown period, DC offices remain open to provide necessary services to the people and have been playing a critical role to control the contamination.

Unilever Bangladesh already pledged BDT 200 million [approx. $2.4 million] to help the nation in its fight against COVID-19. The commitment includes measures such as product donations, creating awareness, improving health infrastructure, protecting its people and livelihoods. This initiative, of working with DC offices is part of UBL’s larger commitment to combat Covid-19.

Under this collaboration, the overall WASH spectrum will be improved by installing hand washing stations at the entrance of each DC office, with added support for disinfection of office compounds, improved sanitation and safe drinking water facility across 64 districts.

The initiative will also provide access to Unilever’s hygiene products, Lifebuoy Domex and Pureit in 64 Deputy Commissioner’s offices along with spray machines and the appropriate disinfecting materials.

Through this collaboration DC office employees will be trained on how to run regular disinfection activities and inform office visitors on hygienic protocols to stay safe during this pandemic.

In addition,  lifesaving messages will be disseminated in all 64 district towns to provide public with information required to tackle the current pandemic. This overarching initiative will help to raise awareness and carry out messages designed by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The country’s largest humanitarian organization, the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) will lead the implementation across 64 districts and DC offices on the disinfecting activities.

The Directorate General of Health Services and the Cabinet Division of the Bangladesh government have supported this initiative and given their approval on conducting the activities across the nation which is scheduled to continue until the end of May.

Prof Dr Md Habibe Millat, MP, Vice Chairman of Bangladesh Red Crescent said “We need multi-sectorial collaboration to tackle the humanitarian crisis of this scale and Bangladesh Red Crescent Society is supporting Bangladesh government in COVID19 response to save lives and to create alertness among people regarding the infection. We are happy that Unilever Bangladesh and 2030 WRG joined us to prevent and control this pandemic”

Kedar Lele, CEO, Unilever Bangladesh Limited, “Our commitment towards the nation remains strong as ever. This is the time when our front-line workers need our support including the government offices. Deputy Commissioner’s (DC) offices stand as one of the vulnerable spots as hundreds of people access these offices on a regular basis.

Through our brands, Lifebuoy, Domex and Pureit we aim to improve the overall WASH spectrum and influence the Hygiene Behavior to stop the spread of the virus. Our collaboration with BDRCS and the 2030 Water Resources Group will have a stronger impact on the citizens and will provide the confidence to keep moving forward against this wall of uncertainty. ”