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Published: 10.23.2017

Survey results of stakeholders’ perceptions in Peru

Survey Presentation Peru_Oct17
As part of a global initiative of 2030 WRG, Peru also interviewed its main stakeholders to gain insights into their appreciation and perceptions about the work that 2030 WRG has been undertaking in Peru. The results are encouraging:

  1. Awareness: 97% consider the role of the 2030WRG to improve governance and reduce the water gap excellent or good
  2. Collaborative and coordinated action: 52% acknowledge that 2030WRG has contributed to the improvement in water resources management.
  3. Leadership and mobilization: 50% believe that the internal mobilization has been successful.
  4. Interaction among members: 94% acknowledge having worked with counterparts with whom they did not previously work.
  5. Variations in involvement on specific issues: 45% increased their participation in governance actions.
  6. Results and impact: 71% state that 2030 WRG is very effective and 74% recognize socio-environmental and / or socio-economic results.

As pending challenges, it was suggested to involve new actors and / or define more specific roles for some of the existing working groups, as well as to communicate the actions now that concrete results are beginning to occur.