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Published: 07.15.2015

River Rejuvenation through Community Participation: Hindon River Basin

June 11, 2015

Har Ki Pairi, Hardwar in India. By Lord of the Wings.

In partnership with Jal Jan Jodo Abhiyan (JJJA), spearheaded by the Waterman of India, Rajendra Singh, 2030 WRG stepped up its commitment to the river Ganga Rejuvenation program through a program focused on the Hindon river basin. A highly polluted, 400 kilometer stretch, the Hindon river flows across the industrial belt of Western Uttar Pradesh, where multiple factories and slaughter houses discharge largely untreated waste into its waters.

Aiming at the building of a participatory water resources management approach for the rejuvenation and revival of the Hindon Basin, the JJJA team organized a first workshop in June to bring together key actors – government, private sector and industry, community, academia, civil society, and water practitioners to brainstorm solutions, enable the formation of a water alliance and drive accountability.  2030 WRG, as a founding associate, facilitated the group discussions to map the opportunities and solutions for the river’s revival.  The pathway of change identified collectively by the stakeholders included a focus on municipal, industrial and agri-water interventions, demarcation and notification of the river into multiple sections, need for centralized and decentralized wastewater treatment plants, and accountability for water flow into rivers at the level of the government, private sector, and community.