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Published: 03.21.2020

Mexico: Session of CCA’s Water Security and Legal Certainty Thematic Committee

March 11, 2020, Mexico City – The Water Advisory Council (CCA)’s Water Security and Legal Certainty Thematic Committee held a meeting with the special participation of Mr. Eugenio Barrios, CONAGUA’s Deputy Director for Water Resources Management. The meeting’s objectives were (i) to discuss the highlights of the Collaborative Document: Towards the Strengthening of the Water Allocation Regime; (ii) to learn from the Deputy Director about CONAGUA’s perspective and current activities to reform the water allocation regime; and (iii) to discuss the orientation and content of the Committee’s present collaboration with CONAGUA.

This collaboration will focus on helping CONAGUA look at some policy instruments that could help bring greater adaptive flexibility and resilience to the water allocation regime and at a mechanism/protocol to support the management of collective community concessions. The meeting counted the active participation of several of its members, including among others: Agua Capital, CESPEDES, Coca-Cola, FEMSA-Coca-Cola, Constellation Brands, FEMSA Foundation, Grupo Bal, Grupo Modelo-AB InBev, Heineken, Nestlé, The Nature Conservancy, Suez, and Veolia.

The Water Security and Legal Certainty Thematic Committee was created to support a multi-stakeholder dialogue process and technical advisory on matters concerning the strengthening and modernization of the Mexican water allocation regime and ways to develop a more enabling environment for corporate water stewardship.