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Published: 08.31.2016

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: Hydro-Economic Analysis on Cost-Effective Solutions to Close Ulaanbaatar’s Future Water Gap

 Hydro-economic analysis on cost-effective solutions to close Ulaanbaatar’s future water gapThis report focuses on Mongolia’s capital and economic hub, Ulaanbaatar. Based on the water supply-demand gap identified in the previous project phase, an inventory of implementable solutions to close the gap was identified and prioritized to allow for sustainable economic development.

By 2021, water demand will not be met with the available water resources in the high and medium water-demand scenarios. By 2030, a water demand-supply gap is estimated in all scenarios.

Solutions are focused on the key water users in Ulaanbaatar (energy, domestic, and industrial sectors) and include water demand reduction and water supply augmentation measures. These were selected from ongoing (governmental) initiatives and stakeholder consultations and were customized from international best cases to Ulaanbaatar’s context. The identified solutions were prioritized on the basis of an assessment framework that consists of financial, economic, and environmental criteria.

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