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Published: 03.21.2020

Wastewater Reuse Association formed in drought-prone village in Aurangabad, Maharashtra for reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation

Dr. Anjali Parasnis and Kavita Sachwani (2030 WRG) with PoCRA team and farmers from Zalta Village GP

Under Workstream 3 – Wastewater Reuse and Management of the Maharashtra Water MSP, the 2030 WRG with active support from the Project on Climate Resilient Agriculture, facilitated the formation of a first-of-its-kind Wastewater Reuse Association in Zalta GP, Aurangabad, one of the 15 drought-prone districts in Maharashtra state. The Zalta Wastewater Reuse Association (WWRUA) was formed in January 2020, comprising 10 farmers including the Zalta Gram Panchayat Sarpanch. The focus is to identify operational models to reuse treated wastewater from the Zalta STP for agricultural purposes in the adjoining farmlands, thereby creating alternate sources of reliable year-round water supply. The farmers have agreed to pay for the treated wastewater and for the electricity to pump the water.