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Published: 10.22.2015

Water Scarcity Solutions Highlight: Air flow dyeing machines in textile production

Guangdong, China
Location: Guangdong, China
Volumetric impact: 362,000 m3/yr
Capital cost: $1,968,000
Estimated unit cost of water: 55 ¢/m3

The Zhaoqing Jiarong Knitwear Dyeing and Finishing Company is located in the Guangdong Province, within the city of Zhaoqing. Its annual dyeing and finishing capacity is 15 000 tonnes of knitted fabric. As part of China’s five-year plan launched in 2011, all of China’s textile manufacturers must reduce energy and water use by 16% and 30% respectively by 2015 or face a penalty fine or closure.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) China Water Program was set up to facilitate financial investment in water efficiency projects within the four major textile producing provinces of China, one of which is Guangdong.The Jiarong factory upgraded its conventional jet dyeing process to air-flow dyeing machines. This reduces the water requirement of the dyeing process.
The intervention achieved a 53% reduction in withdrawal per tonne of material produced.The interventions were self-financed by the Jiarong factory with support from IFC with the water and energy efficiency auditing process.

Intervention features:
Water audits, Employee participation, Enforcement of quotas

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