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Published: 12.16.2021

Webinar | Israeli Circular Economy Solutions and Wastewater Management

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This webinar titled ‘Israeli Circular Economy Solutions and Wastewater Management’ focused on Israeli innovation in wastewater treatment and reuse. We also heard from the World Bank on how such solutions could fit into a broader framework for driving circular economy solutions and improved water quality at the local, regional, and global levels. Featuring Israeli companies, Ayala Water & Ecology and Aqwise, the session touched upon the enabling conditions for technological adoption, business case, scale and replication, and strategies for fostering public-private collaboration for wastewater management.

Presentations were given by

• Eli Cohen, CEO and Founder at Ayala Water & Ecology
• Marc Krieger, Vice President Sales at Aqwise

Chair and moderator
• Patricia Lopez, Senior Water Specialist, World Bank Water

• Midori Makino, Lead Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist, World Bank Water
• Michi Ogawa, Investment Officer, IFC
• Rochi Khemka, Senior Water Resources Management Specialist, 2030 WRG

The session was jointly organized by the World Bank Group’s ITS Technology and Innovation Lab, the Water Global Practice, our Israeli counterparts from the State of Israel, and Start-up Nation Central, and 2030 Water Resources Group.

See the recording below

See the presentations here >>


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