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Published: 09.30.2020

Webinar series | Strengthening Water Governance in Peru

Continuing the collaboration with the Ministry of Environment under the framework of the “Dialogue on Water Governance with the OECD” process, 2030 WRG and the World Bank Water Global Practice are supporting the organization of a series of virtual sessions focused on strengthening local capacities around water security, governance, economic instruments for water risk management, and regulatory framework.

Participants are public officers from the institutions that are part of the Multisectoral Commission set by the Peruvian Government to lead the process: the Presidency of Council of Ministries; Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation; National Water Authority (ANA); Ministry of Health; Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation; Ministry of Energy and Mining; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Environment; Technical Agency for the Administration of Sanitation Services (OTASS); Water Supply and Sanitation Regulator (SUNASS); and Ministry of Production.

This webinar series is part of the activities being undertaken in preparation for the Policy Seminar with the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This in turn is part of the ongoing “Dialogue on Water Governance” process that is jointly implemented between the Government of Peru and the OECD, and has started in January 2019. A preliminary version of the OECD’s assessment and recommendations on water governance in the country will be shared and discussed during this seminar.