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Published: 07.19.2017

World Bank Water Global Practice to host 2030 WRG in new phase

Washington, DC – The World Bank Water Global Practice has agreed to host the 2030 Water Resources Group program from January 1st, 2018 onward. The 2030 WRG Governing Council, together with the World Bank Water GP and the IFC, the current host organization since 2012, have made this strategic decision to accommodate opportunities for larger scale impact as the program is set to expand its operations.

At the World Bank Water GP the program will be anchored in the department with the greatest subject matter expertise and experience on water. 2030 WRG can leverage this knowledge base to innovate, leverage key relationships in the water space and become part of the overall architecture of those providing thought leadership and development solutions, including a closer connection with the High-Level Panel on Water.

The multi-stakeholder approach, fostered by 2030 WRG, offers a very valuable platform for the World Bank Group for dialogue with key private sector players around water policy issues in countries. 2030 WRG’s work with governments at the country level, mainly related to a reform agenda, is aligned with the mandate of the World Bank Water Global Practice. It can leverage these multi-stakeholder platforms to help governments move forward important reform opportunities. In addition, the membership of 2030 WRG’s Governing Council and Steering Board offers a unique and powerful platform from which to discuss and mobilize influence at the global level as well as gain traction through the country programs.

IFC will support the delivery of ongoing programs and will facilitate the transition to the World Bank Water Global Practice in the coming period. IFC remains a committed partner to 2030 WRG, especially helping the private sector engage in strategic dialogues related to water resources management. Going forward, IFC will continue to provide funding for the next three-year cycle and has appointed representatives who serve on the Governing Council and Steering Board.